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Welcome to the BVC!

We are the Adult Volleyball division for Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA),  a region of USAVolleyball. Our focus is to provide fun, competitive and social volleyball events for all adult members and beyond. 

Our goal is to be the central location for you to dig into volleyball opportunities throughout Oregon & SW Washington while also providing events for participation. We are excited to host, share and sanction events throughout the PNW.

Tournament Results and Recaps

Our Launch!

We are excited to host 12 tournaments starting September 2022 through August 2023! Our first tournament will kick off our first nine indoor tournaments followed by three outdoor tournaments. As we continue to grow, we will provide more tournaments throughout the region. 

Tournaments will be located throughout Oregon & SW Washington - kicking off our first tournament in Salem, OR. Indoor tournaments will be Men's and Women's 6's. Outdoor tournaments will be announced at a later time. 

Why BVC?

We want to be bigger than just volleyball - we want to provide a place where adults can socialize, be competitive and also give back to their communities through a sport they love.

That's why we've decided that each tournament we host will be connected to a local non-profit. Whether they need volunteers, donations or a place to share the great work they do, our tournaments will provide that space. Let's do good things through volleyball together! Learn more about each non-profit through the tournaments page. 

We are looking for facilities!

Do you have a facility available that could host up to four volleyball courts? Do you want to use a tournament as a fundraiser for your organization? Let's chat! Email us today 


Contact Us!

CEVA Office
Phone: 503-644-7468



Our Sponsors

Thank you to the organizations who sponsor our programming. Please show your support to our sponsors who help bring the BVC to life.

Sponsored by Sonny's Wellness

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